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Claudia Hill-Bickham

Accomplished Senior Law Enforcement Manager with over 30 years law enforcement experience with a solid record of success with leading, program management and program execution for the Department of Justice. Recognized for outstanding performance at all levels in career, possesses an established work ethic dedicated towards turning around underperforming operations, enhancing efficiencies, building coalitions among disparate operations and technical excellence.

During her career with the Department of Justice she led thedevelopment and publishing of Performance-Based Detention Standards utilized by the United States Marshal Service housing pre¬trial detainees in non-federal facilities. Developed standards by examining past facility deviations, identifying critical performance-based areas and identifying after-action findings. Managed division strategic goal progress and accomplishments.Analyzed designed and integrated of adetention service system.Oversaw and approved technical solutions and applications by working with program managers. Prepare and coordinate preparation of reports, briefings, conferences and training to promote broad understanding of detention services system. Served as aContracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR), supporting contracts, including 6 non-personal service contracts totalingover$6million. Monitored and administered contracts by directing full range of contract administration actions, including issuing contract modifications, negotiating changes, exercising options, investigating and resolving contractor delays, app raising contractor performance, contractor surve illance and disposing claims. Established and conducted technical evaluation boards.

As Assistant Administrator in the Correctional Programs Division, Case Management Coordinator and Case Manager for the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) she was responsible for ensuring national policies and procedures were in place that provided a safe, secure institutional environment for inmates and staff in all security level facilities in the FBOP. Additionally, worked to develop inmate activities and programs designed to assist inmates upon their release from incarceration. Coordinated with Legacy Immigration Naturalization Service and Federal Bureau of Prisons Detention Division in reclassifying and transferring long-term management problem detainees into the Bureau of Prisons from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.EstablishedUnit Management/Case Management policies and procedures. Monitored Unit Management/Case Management activities regarding inmates in FBOP facilities. Led and participated in FBOP facility program reviews and internal audits.