The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC

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(Suicide) After Action Review

CMCG a leading company in the private arena, who has the experience you need to detect, react and help prevent inmate/detainee suicides. We have been conducting Suicide Assurance Reviews AAR’s for the United States Marshals/Prisoner Operations Division, across the United States for the past seven years. CMCG brings a wealth of experience to the correctional management and inmate management industry. Our review teams are well trained, extremely detailed, precise and professional. Their technical expertise ranges from former Wardens and Administrators, Correctional Services Administrators, Captains, Health Services Administrators, Food Service Administrators, Safety Managers to a former Director of Juvenile Justice for federal and state corrections. In 2012 CMCG developed an interactive Suicide Checklist for the United States Marshals/Prisoner Operations Division and specifically targeting correctional jails and detention centers. We are one of the premier private companies who specialize in total correctional management.


  • Conducts Suicide After Action Reviews and Assessments
  • Developed an interactive Suicide Checklist for Jails and detention facilities
  • Help Correctional Facilities reduce and prevent re-occurrences of suicides


If you are a correctional agency, facility, center or entity, CMCG can assist you and your organization with detecting, reacting and preventing suicides. Our highly experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) each have over 20 years of correctional experience and they have been conducting audits and After Action Reviews for the United States Marshals/Prisoner Operations Division for the past 7 years.