The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC

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Government Services

In October 2009, Legacy Office of the Federal Detention Trustee contracted with Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC (CMCG) to perform Quality Assurance Reviews of non-federal facilities under contract with the United States Marshals Service housing pre-trial federal detainees. CMCG developed performance-based standards to support the review of juveniles housed in non-federal correctional facilities in the custody of USMS and detainee transportation standards to ensure safe and secure transporting of detainees to and from court appearances and transfers to other facilities. These standards were piloted and adopted by Legacy OFDT, June of 2010.

In October of 2014 CMCG’s existing contract transitioned to the USMS Prisoner Operations Division (POD) in support of the safe, secure and humane confinement of pre-trial federal detainees in the custody of the USMS. A pool of five-person teams consisting of subject matter experts in the areas of Security & Control; Food Service; Administration and Management, Safety & Sanitation and Services & Programs, Health Care conducts Quality Assurance Reviews utilizing Federal Performance Based Detention Standards prepare an extensive report detailing the facility administrative and operational level of performance. After-Action Reviews, Pre-Occupancy Reviews, On-Site Monitoring are also conducted. CMCG’s assessment of the Prisoner Rape Elimination Act Standards and Department of Justice Restrictive Housing Unit Guidelines provided USMS with a cross-walk comparison of FPBDS and the impact of incorporating the standards into the FPBDS along with the effects on the facility operations.