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Global Services

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago – Since 2002 CMCG has worked in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago assisting the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service with the development of methods and programs to transform the prison service from a retributive and strict punishment system to a justice agency based on restorative justice. Additionally, CMCG has delivered security and gang training for prison employees and management for the prison service. CMCG has also contributed to the Trinidad and Tobago Transformation Unit and its efforts to develop a community corrections system, to include a parole component. CMCG has taken a leading role in delivering juvenile training and developing juvenile standards for the Trinidad and Tobago Transformation Unit. As a result of the company’s efforts, CMCG is considered to be an invaluable asset and contributor in helping to shape the future of the entire criminal justice system in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Virgin Islands - Keefe Commissary products.

Bahamas - Keefe Commissary products

Guyana - Ethics training and acquisition of cell phone detection and portable drug units.

St. Lucia - Armed escort prison break out after action review.   Additionally, specialized training in association with transforming the security structure of the department of corrections.